How To Set Up ChatGPT Settings For Maximum Productivity

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It’s what most of us do when getting our hands on a new item, figuring out how it works, and customizing it as much as possible. In this article, we’ll see what ChatGPT settings you can change or tweak to improve your productivity and general usage of the AI tool.

Whether it’s a new phone or a bunch of magnets you want to stick on your new fridge, we always feel better when customizing our daily items to our needs.

Tweak and Set Up ChatGPT Settings

1. General settings

On the bottom left of the screen, after clicking on the three dots, you will see the Settings button. In this new window, you can choose the ChatGPT theme. You can choose between dark, light, and system. If you look at screens most of the day, we advise you to go for the dark version.

In that same window, you can clear all chats. If you feel overwhelmed and don’t need the history of your previous chats, click the scary red button to erase everything.

Below the General ChatGPT Settings, you will see the Data Controls.  There, you can decide whether or not your data (input and output) is used to make ChatGPT better. It is on by default. Unsaved chats are deleted on OpenAI’s side within 30 days.

Set Up ChatGPT And Tweak Settings

From the same window, you can manage your shared links (if you send links to ChatGPT, they will end up there). Below that, you can export your data. If you do this, OpenAI will gather all the stuff they have on you and send it by email, and it can take some time to arrive.

Set Up ChatGPT And Tweak Settings-1

2. Custom ChatGPT settings

Custom settings

Custom instructions are a powerful feature available on all ChatGPT plans, accessible via the web, iOS, and Android. They allow you to tailor ChatGPT’s responses to your preferences and specific needs. Let’s see how to enable them:

iOS & Android: Navigate to Settings -> Account -> Custom Instructions and toggle ON.

Web: Click on your name, then select Custom Instructions. Enter your instructions into both fields and click Save.

But what exactly should you put in those fields? In the first field, you can add things like what you do professionally, what your business is about, your hobbies, things you don’t want to talk about, your expertise, etc. For example, you could write:

“I’m John, 28 years old. I study biochemistry, and I’m interested in sea animals. I dislike romantic movies. In my spare time, I go fishing and spend time on my family’s boat to explore the seas. I’m thinking of starting a business soon, but I am still investigating and researching the idea”.

In the second field, you could ask for things like “Output should not have unnecessary capitals and use complex language”. Or you could ask for a university-level language. It’s all up to you. You can add how long you want the responses to be, how you want ChatGPT to call you, and anything else you want ChatGPT to do (like adding jokes to its responses).

Take the time to fill out those custom instructions to fit your needs as much as possible. You can even ask ChatGPT for ideas based on your current situation. If you are a student, for example, and use ChatGPT to help you study, you can ask ChatGPT to be patient and rephrase concepts you didn’t seem to understand.

You can ask it to call you by your last name as if you were in class. Or you can turn ChatGPT into a character from your favorite video game if you take the time to write descriptive instructions.

Set Up ChatGPT And Tweak Settings-2

(which is what I did because I love video games).

You can always turn off your custom instructions and edit them. The new custom instructions will become active when you start a new chat.

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Custom instructions in ChatGPT offer a dynamic way to enhance your conversational experiences by tailoring responses to your specific preferences. Whether you prefer a formal tone, concise responses, or unique addressing, custom instructions put you in control. Explore this feature and tweak the ChatGPT Settings to enjoy a more personalized chat with ChatGPT.

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