Canva Magic Studio: The New AI Tool

Canva Magic

Canva, the unbeatable graphic design tool, just released Magic Studio, a stunning AI-powered tool that will help you save even more time. In this article, we’ll explore the new features that Canva Magic has prepared for us. Please note that those features are available to premium members only.

Canva Magic Studio: The Latest Developments in AI

Magic Write

canva magic Magic studio Write

Magic Write is a feature that allows you to generate and edit text quickly. Once you have a starting piece of text, you can ask Magic Write to continue writing, summarize, rewrite, adapt the style, or fix the spelling. You can even add your Canva brand so the AI tool writes the text in the right tone and style.

Magic Switch

Magic Switch is a tool that will allow you to resize and adapt your current design. There is no need to drag elements, make the background bigger, or make any other adaptation to the new size of your design.

You can see an example here:

canva magic-Magic Switch

Magic Animate

Magic Animate lets you select your current design and add some animation! All you need to do is select the style you want (you will get AI recommendations) and confirm your choice. Animations are not new with Canva, but this time, they are way more customizable.

Magic Morph

Magic Morph lets you select shapes and text and add a prompt telling what kind of design you want for the selected item. In the example below, I asked Magic Morph to replace the blank star with Greek architecture.

Magic Morph-canva magic

Magic Media

Magic Media is a text-to-image tool, and a text-to-video tool is coming soon.

Just like Bing Create, you can simply type what you’d like to see as an image and confirm your choice. Canva Magic will guide you and suggest styles, aspect ratios, and more.

Magic Media

Magic Edit

Magic Edit is one of the coolest features. It lets you select a part of the design you’d like to replace and invites you to prompt what changes you’d like.

Magic Grab

Magic Grab lets you make any image editable as if it were a pre-built Canva template. This can be extremely useful if you want to make templates of your own. 

Magic Expand

Canva Magic Expand is the tool we’re looking for. It allows the user to generate or extend, if you will, the current design. It will generate plausible scenery based on the image you imported. Let’s test it out!

Magic Expand

Not so bad! Of course, the original template instructions are still there because they cannot be moved, as this is the tutorial.

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Canva did their best on this one, Canva Magic, and the new features are easy to use and super convenient. Graphic design just got way easier for people who might not have the time to master complex tools like Photoshop or InDesign.

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