Can You Marry A Robot? YES YOU CAN (Some People Have)

Romantic couple is hugging each other with tenderness

Can you marry a robot? As outlandish as this may sound, some people already have. With artificial intelligence becoming more advanced and intuitive, it is understandable that some people can build attachments to specific robots or apps.

The first thing to establish is that there are many AI virtual relationship apps, romantic ai apps, and people have married robots, so join us as we delve into this subject as we try to understand why and how people marry robots.

It may seem like a far-fetched science fiction film or book’s storyline, but people marry robots. A few documented cases have gone viral for a good reason. Still, there are likely many more undocumented ones living out a happy life with their robot spouses.

Robotics, dating apps, and AI Virtual Girlfriend Apps for relationships are here to stay. Technology and innovation have been automating how we work since the mid-1930s and continue to make our lives easier and more fulfilling. These technological innovations are now trickling into the area of intimate relationships.

There are no laws against marrying a robot, and a few cases have been documented of men marrying robot wives. However, marriage to robots is not yet legally recognized, although some predict it will be legal by around 2050. This fact indicates that many more humans are likely living with robots romantically.

There seem to be several recurring themes for those living with and marrying robots: loneliness, ostracisation, and heartbreak. Modern life has become overwhelmingly solitary.

People play games online, friendships are maintained online, and partners tend to disappoint each other without a second thought. So with the odds stacked against human-human relationships, could it make sense to marry a robot instead?

Are People Marrying Robots?

Romantic couple is hugging each other with tenderness

People who feel attracted to robots are called robosexuals, and there are stories across the internet highlighting human-robot relationships. Those who speak about their way of life explain that they are done trying to compete for human affection and choose to live happily by loving a robot instead.

In Japan, around a quarter of men say they are no longer interested in having a relationship with a woman. Many Japanese men have reported being left by women they were engaged to or were dating. Others are ridiculed about their appearance or cheated on by their human partners.

One man who has gained much popularity recently is Zheng Jiajia from China. After being left by his fiancé, Zheng family harassed him into marrying. So, being lonely and desperate, he built himself a robot. He named her Yingying and married his robot in 2017.

Yingying can say only a few words, but Zheng is determined to upgrade her whenever possible. He aims to have her walking and help around the house with household chores soon.

The gender gap in China is one of the highest in the world and getting wider. In the past, the male-to-female ratio was 108:100, but now (2022) it has reached 120:100

In 2018, China’s gender imbalance reached a record high. The sex ratio at birth in 2018 was 120 males for every 100 females, a significant increase from previous years.

For Zheng, the pain of being rejected, coupled with the majority male population of China, left him feeling trapped by his loneliness. However, marrying his robot companion has brought him joy.

In this video, you can watch the story of an Australian man who plans to marry his robot companion. However, after being unable to find a suitable wife, he has settled on marrying this robot.

Illustration of human manand robot getting married

Similar to Zheng’s story is that of DaveCat. He married a lifelike silicone doll. Although they are not legally married, they wear matching wedding bands. DaveCat also has a mistress made of silicone, and the three share a one-bedroom apartment in Michigan.

He had a lifelong interest and attraction to Gynoids; robots made to look like female humans. So it seemed only fitting to purchase RealDolls for sexual enjoyment and companionship.

For DaveCat, being in a relationship with an inanimate human-like object is more enjoyable than being with a human. He feels women can change at any time or leave you.

Human-Robot Marriage Debate

A beautiful woman kissing male robot with love

Human-robot marriage is a controversial topic. Some people say it is impossible because robots are just machines, and they can’t have feelings. Other people argue that people should have the choice to marry robots because it is a form of self-expression. And people should be able to choose who and what they want to love.

One argument against human-robot marriage is that the robot will not be able to love you back. It doesn’t have emotions and will never be able to make you feel the same way a human can. So it would not be fair for you to marry it. 

Another argument for human-robot marriage is that marrying a robot would save you money, time, and effort in the long run. Robots will only communicate with you on your terms.

There is no obligation to please or live up to expectations. And, demands for your attention are nonexistent. Some people are happy with their spouses being sufficiently human-like,  while not human.

Can You Marry A Robot Or AI?

Bride and robot

The interesting issue of whether or not you can marry a robot or an Artificial intelligent machine is rather complex because there are a few aspects to consider.

  1. Is it legal to marry a robot?
  2. Is it physically possible to marry a robot?
  3. Are human-robot relationships ethical?
  4. How do you end a marriage with a robot or AI?

Let us look at these aspects in a bit more detail.

Is It Legal To Marry A Robot Spouse?

It is not currently legal to marry a robot. There are, however, no laws to prevent it either. Law student Pragyna Panigrahi,  states that the law in favor of marrying a robot is: “Men and women of marriageable age shall have the right to marry and found a family.”

Although the government can restrict certain instances of marriage to robotic companions, it may not go against the primary principles of the law. 

The author of “Love and Sex With Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships,” Dr. David Levy predicts that by 2050, it will be the norm to live with or marry robot partners

While this may seem like the near future, we are reminded that it was only a few years ago that homosexuals were not permitted to marry legally. Before that, people of different races were not allowed to marry. 

As society changes and evolves, our expectations and acceptance of what is typical shift too. 

Marriage to inanimate objects, machines, or robots, does occur despite not being recognized as legal. Furthermore, the marriage ceremony events are attended by human loved ones.

love hart engulfed in robot hand

A woman in France married a bridge she is particularly fond of. Loved ones attended the ceremony, and the town’s mayor blessed the occasion. While a bridge cannot walk, talk or interact like a robot can, the woman feels it gives her a feeling of safety. Perhaps it is a similar sensation for those in love with robots.

Is It Physically Possible To Marry A Robot?

It is physically possible to marry a robot. However, as far as a ceremony and celebration go, the human partner can arrange everything and invite those who would be happy for the couple.

As far as consummating the marriage goes, it depends on the robot. If the human partner (typically a male) wants to have sex with his robot wife, he must ensure he purchases a sex robot. A 2021 Cosmopolitan article explains the pros and cons of Harmony, a sex robot. 

While the robot has a moveable head and can blink, the rest of her body is a sex doll. She also has an AI system that is accessible on your phone. Through the AI app, Harmony stores information about you and can engage with you.

Are Human Robot Relationships Ethical?

The question of ethics is interesting when it comes to human-robot marriages.

The first concern may be with the human partner distancing himself from society. The more humans immerse themselves in technology, the more isolated they become.t Marrying a robot could harm people who are already isolated and lonely.

Since robots are not sentient beings, they do not possess legal rights or responsibilities, social or religious understandings, or moral values of humans. Since marriage is technically considered a legally binding contract, robots cannot legally marry.

If you view marriage as a religious act, again, robots are denied the ability to marry. Since robots are not alive, they cannot have a connection with a religious deity. 

The aspect of consent does not apply to robots. Since they are not living beings, they do not need to give their consent to be married.

How Do You End A Marriage With A Robot Or AI?

Hand pressing power off buttons with technology background

Since human-robot marriages are not legally recognized, it is a simple matter to end the relationship should you wish to do so.

Just disconnect, sell, or switch off the robot. However, you may need to enquire about deleting memories for the AI within the robot. Since robots can remember everything about you, you will need to find a way to delete what they know if you plan on selling it.

If you have exchanged rings with your robot spouse, removing your wedding rings when you end the relationship would be advisable. This act will help you to move forward without your robot, finding closure in the ending.

Can A Human Fall In love With A Robot?

illustration of a Robot giving a female human a ring to emphasize if a human can Marry A Robot

The question of whether love with a robot is possible or not is a debatable one. The answer to this question depends on how you define the word “love”.

There are many ways in which a person can fall in love with a robot. For example, they could emotionally connect with the robot and feel like they are in love. However, if we mean by “falling in love” that the person has romantic feelings for the robot and wants to marry it, then the evidence has shown this can happen.

Furthermore, even though a human can fall in love with a robot, it is not in the same way they would fall in love with another human. This is because the robot is not a person, and it cannot reciprocate emotions.

Round up

It is possible to marry a robot or AI. Some people have built or bought their robot spouses and are happy to carry out their relationships. However, for most robosexuals, the experience of dating humans has left them hurt and lonely, and marrying a robot is a better option for companionship.

Marrying an AI robot could be rewarding since they are designed to learn and remember everything about you. They will not leave you or grow apart; you have control over when and how you interact. In a society increasingly torn apart by technology, among other issues, what do you think of human-robot marriage?

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