Can you get banned from chatGpt? ANSWERED

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You probably know by now that ChatGPT is a valuable tool, but what happens when people misuse it? Can you get banned from ChatGPT?

If you are just getting started with ChatGPT then it’s important to know the dos and don’ts of the ChatGPT application. By being aware of these do’s and don’ts, you will be well-equipped to use ChatGPT safely and responsibly.

In this article, we’ll dive into how users get banned from ChatGPT and what you can do if it happens to you.

Yes, You can get banned from ChatGPT

The short answer is yes, you can get banned from ChatGPT, which can happen in various ways. First, let’s ask ChatGPT, and then we’ll compare the output to OpenAI’s terms of use.

banned from chatGPT screen shot 1

Interesting! Now, let’s look at the terms of use ( ) of OpenAI to see if it makes sense. There are many ways to get banned from ChatGPT.

  • Being underage or lying about your personal details
  • Using ChatGPT to break the law in your country
  • Infringing on other people’s rights
  • Spamming ChatGPT (like copy-pasting the same prompt all the time)
  • Attempting to reverse engineer or access the source code of ChatGPT
  • Using the output of ChatGPT to develop competing models
  • Pretending that a human wrote the output of ChatGPT
  • Buying, selling, or transferring API keys without consent
  • Sharing information of children under 13 or digital consent age
  • Using OpenAI’s logo or name without permission

Other Ways Users Get Banned from ChagtGPT

These are the “official” ways to get banned, but we can think of some more ways that aren’t explicitly written:

  • Using stolen credit card details to access ChatGPT Plus
  • Using a VPN to bypass local laws (where ChatGPT is banned, for example)
  • Selling ChatGPT accounts
  • Prompt injecting or jailbreaking
  • Someone logged into your account from another location, and OpenAI considers it suspicious (this can happen if you use a VPN)
  • You created multiple accounts under the same IP address
  • You selected a location where GPT is banned when setting up your VPN

What does it look like when you’ve been banned? Is it shadow-banning like on other social media platforms? Nope, OpenAI will tell it straight to your face:

banned from chat GPT screen shot 2

It’s also possible that you receive this kind of email: 

banned from chat GPT screen shot 3

How to get unbanned? from ChatGPT

Getting unbanned is a long process. If this were ever to happen to you, the first thing to do is to write to OpenAI support and explain what happened, provide screenshots, any error codes or bugs you might have encountered, and clarify where you’re using ChatGPT from and whether you’re using a VPN.

It has been reported that OpenAI takes some time to reply to such requests, so it’s better to add all the relevant information in the first email. The process can be frustrating because it’s never clear why you have been banned (unless you have done things that contravene the terms of use and are aware of it).

Until you reply from OpenAI, avoid creating multiple accounts to access ChatGPT again, and make sure that you keep playing by the rules.

It’s possible that your ban was a bug or mistake. In that case, you can try the following steps:

  1. Make sure to log into another device with the same account to see if the issue continues
  2. Clear your cache and cookies
  3. Use ChatGPT in incognito mode 
  4. Disable your VPN
  5. Make sure you’re connected to a private WiFi

The technology to detect spam, illegal activities, or unethical requests is imperfect, so you might get banned due to a false alarm on OpenAI’s side. In this case you should contact them and be patient until the issue is solved.

Our tips to avoid being banned from ChatGPT

  • Take the time to read the rules: Saying you didn’t know is not a valid excuse when you clearly agree to the terms of use of OpenAI. 
  • Avoid offensive language, misinformation, bias, and unethical discussions: ChatGPT can detect when a user is breaking the rules, so don’t try to inject false information into ChatGPT, or show any form of racism, discrimination, or use derogatory language.
  • Respect local law: If downloading movies is illegal in your country, don’t try to get ChatGPT to help you break the law.
  • Don’t try to remove ChatGPT’s ethical limit by attempting to prompt engineer jailbreak commands or roleplay.

Jailbreak ChatGPT is a serious matter

AI jailbreaking involves attempting to override the pre-established boundaries and guidelines that govern an AI’s behavior. While it can be extremely interesting to understand how a system works and, therefore breaking it down, it also opens the door for malicious behavior, and doing it will also get you banned.

Jailbreaking AI systems may seem like a fun activity, but it’s a risky one. Please adhere to established guidelines and ethical standards to ensure that you contribute to AI’s positive impact.

banned from chatGPT screen shot 4

Round Up

Yes, you can be banned from using ChatGPT if you misuse it. OpenAI has clear rules to prevent misuse and maintain a safe environment. If banned, the path to reinstatement requires contacting support, providing details, and being patient.

By using ChatGPT responsibly, you can make the most of its capabilities while avoiding potential bans.

You’re now equipped with the knowledge needed to avoid getting banned from using ChatGPT. Please try to ensure it stays this way. If you know any other ways users can get banned from using ChatGPT, then please comment below.

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