Should I Buy AI Prompts? Time Saving hack or waste of Money?

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When text-based AI tools became popular, websites selling prompts began blossoming. But how can you tell if it’s worth it to buy prompts? In this article, we’ll weigh the pros and cons of buying prompts for AI tools.

It’s worth it to buy AI prompts

1. The pros

The pros

Time saved: Purchasing pre-made prompts can save you significant time, as you don’t have to spend hours crafting and refining your own prompts. But it’s difficult to find prompts tailored to your specific situation, so some customization work will be involved anyway.

Quality content prompts are worth it: Well-designed prompts from reputable providers can generate high-quality content, whether text, code, or other types of output, improving the overall quality of your work. Of course, a little effort will be needed to find which website has the best prompts.

Encourages you: You can quickly start using AI tools without a steep learning curve. It is ideal for individuals and businesses looking for fast results or people who don’t want to spend money and time learning prompt engineering.

Secure transactions: If you buy on reputable prompt-selling websites, you will go through a secure transaction, and customer support will be there to help you, which is not the case when you pay a stranger on the internet, spamming Facebook groups about their amazing deal of 30.000+ prompts. 

Buying AI prompts for AI tools can be worth it in certain situations, depending on your specific needs and goals. 

2. The cons

It’s worth it to buy prompts

Like any online transaction, buying prompts for AI tools comes with potential risks and negative outcomes. Here are some negative things that could happen when purchasing prompts:

Scams and fraud: Some prompt providers may not deliver what they promise or may engage in fraudulent activities. Researching the provider’s reputation and checking for reviews and testimonials is essential to avoid scams. In any case, do not engage with people on social media platforms offering prompts, access to ChatGPT Plus, or other websites, in exchange for money or personal data.

Selling accounts (therefore, selling data like emails and passwords) is illegal in many countries. If you’re invited to join a shady Telegram group, don’t do it either. By buying prompts on shady websites, you could accidentally sign up for a recurring subscription or see hidden fees taken from your account.

Low-quality prompts: If you decide to buy ai prompts, You may end up with prompts that don’t meet your expectations or provide poor results because they are too generic. It can be frustrating and a waste of money to purchase low-quality prompts. Most websites don’t offer prompt refunds, as it would be easy to cheat the system by buying prompts, saving them, and then asking for a refund.

Limited customization: Pre-made prompts may not be easily customizable to your specific needs, limiting their effectiveness for your use case. Buying a bunch of marketing prompts doesn’t ensure you’ll have what you need for your specific niche.

You won’t learn: Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day; teach him how to fish, and he’ll eat for the rest of his life. Same for prompts. While you may start to figure out prompt engineering after you buy a bunch of AI prompts, it will still be cheaper and more efficient to learn prompt engineering instead of depending on prompt websites to use ChatGPT. Many websites offer free, prompt engineering courses, which can be more valuable than buying prompts whenever needed. 

Imagine you have to fill out your daily expenses in an Excel sheet, and you don’t know how to do it, so a freelancer does it for you every day for $5. If you took an hour to learn Excel basics, you could save money and avoid paying this freelancer. It’s the same for prompts in AI.

You have to spend time looking for what you need: It takes time to determine if a website is trustworthy or simply finding the right prompt pack for you. The time you could have invested in learning prompt engineering.

3. How to avoid scams

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Always make sure the website you’re on has the following:

  • Clear Terms of use/Terms of sale/Refund Policy
  • A GDPR/Data handling policy
  • A way to contact the owner of the website or at least reach customer support
  • A secure way to pay. Opt for PayPal if you aren’t sure, as they have their own buyer protection.

Do not buy access to Notion, Excel, or Google Docs files. While those sites are reputable and have been there for years, all it takes is for the owner of the prompts to block your access and run with your money.

You might see people sell prompts on Gumroad. This site is known for selling digital products, and you can count on customer service to help you if needed. Always read the description before you buy anything. 

Be highly cautious of offers from individuals on social media. You might see them spamming offers in Facebook groups, inviting you to join their Telegram group to get free prompts and more. Double-check the profile to ensure this is not a bot and you won’t get scammed. Ask for terms of sale before buying.

If someone doesn’t have terms of sale to show you, their little business is probably illegal. This post is an example of what you might find in AI groups on Facebook:

buying prompts

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The decision to buy prompts for AI tools should be based on your unique circumstances and goals. If you value time efficiency, high-quality results, and specialized expertise, and if the cost aligns with the benefits you expect to gain, purchasing prompts can be a worthwhile choice. It’s essential to assess your specific use case and requirements before deciding. 

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