4 NFT Wallets that allow you to Effortlessly manage your NFT’s

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So, it seems you are ready to dive into the world of non-fungible tokens, and you want to know how to store your NFTs. In this article, we’ll go through a list of 4 of the best NFT wallets that you can use to securely store NFTs

Once you’ve decided to purchase an NFT, you’ll need to create what’s known in the crypto/ blockchain space as a digital wallet. This wallet can be used for the purchase and exchange of tokens and NFTs. With a digital wallet, a user is able to store both registered data of their cryptocurrencies and a collection of NFTs in a single, convenient digital wallet.

Now that some of the technical information is out of the way, the next question is,

from the variety of options available which is the best NFT wallet for your needs? As we shall see in this article, there are actually many more things that NFT wallets can offer depending on the chosen platform, making some better for the intended function than others.

NFT Wallet Recap

Before we begin, we should first clarify that there is no such thing as a technical “NFT wallet” specializing solely in its transactions and management. These are still just crypto wallets but are more broadly designed to hold blockchain-based assets that might also be NFTs. If you need a guide on setting up a multi-platform account, you’ll have to consult another article dealing with crypto wallets in general or one about the specific wallet you are trying to use.

Apart from this disclaimer, however, here is a short recap list of things you need to remember about NFT wallets:

  • Must absolutely be multi-platform for the best transactional versatility. This is quite a straightforward pointer, but just keep in mind that not all cryptocurrencies can provide “immediate value” to your NFT upon owning it.
  • Ease-of-access. A no-brainer feature, but many users prioritize the entire suite of features first before testing just how convenient the wallet’s interface actually is. So first tip, find a multi-platform coin wallet that is user-friendly.
  • Cross-hardware support… if possible. Not only do you need to be able to store and use multiple NFT related coins like Ravencoin and Ethereum on the fly, but you also need to access your wallet from virtually every device that you frequently use.
  • That said, quite a good number of “NFT wallets” today function pretty much solely on mobile, so the point of convenience may be more towards on-hand accessibility.
  • In addition, it is actually possible to trade with standard fiat currencies for NFTs. But this requires the right platform that could facilitate automated exchange between cryptocurrencies and such digital assets.

Best NFT Wallets Overview

  1. Trust Wallet
  2. Metamask
  3. Enjin
  4. Alpha Wallet

1. Trust Wallet

Image of trust wallet one of the best NFT wallets available
Credit by Trust Wallet

This is probably the very first entry that will pop up when you Google terms related to best NFT wallets. With millions of users all around the world, Trust Wallet is a very popular option for both convenience and ease of entry into the platform.

First, there’s the baseline dApp list for marketplaces, which can be tapped to directly access any chosen NFT marketplace such as OpenSea or Nifty Gateway. Second is the easy interface integration of blockchain networks, so you can simply pick your GoChain or Binance Smart Chain (official affiliate) investments in just a single mobile platform.

Oh and if you are a gamer, Trust Wallet also allows cataloging and storage of assets from titles such as Axie Infinity and MyCrypto Heroes.

One significant drawback of Trust Wallet is that it’s mobile-only, which means you have no direct access to it from your PC. However, from a pure ease-of-access standpoint, its exclusive mobile-only design allows for quicker, on-the-go access through simpler menus and navigation options.

2. Metamask

When it comes to official recognition, Metamask may be the single biggest NFT wallet solution that anyone can use to stake their finance and careers on NFTs. This is because they are backed up by Consensys, a blockchain technology solutions company that is backed directly by the Ethereum Foundation.

This is actually kind of funny, considering that Metamask started merely as a browser extension. You just activate it from a supported browser to bring up a dApp list, which you can use to click through to their respective marketplaces. Even more interesting, the mobile version of the platform features a simpler interface, making it super intuitive and easy to use by just about anyone, even first timers.

Take note that, since Metamask is heavily supported via the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721, ERC-20, etc.), most of its services will focus on this particular cryptocurrency. It’s still technically multi-platform, however, since it preserves usability with other EVM compatible blockchains.

3. Enjin

Image of Enjin wallet one of the best NFT wallets available
Credit by Enjin

For those who want something a bit more gamer-focused than Trust Wallet, dropping a few coins for Enjin may be an interesting choice. This is because the NFT wallet platform is also connected to its marketplace for trading such digital collectibles in the form of its exclusive token, ENJ.

Of course, using exclusive crypto tokens isn’t exactly remarkable or rare, but it does offer an interesting usage dynamically. At least, when such a feature is sandwiched between its heavy advertising as an in-game NFT wallet and its availability to various Ethereum-based dApp that support DeFi (decentralized finance). For one thing, it could be a self-regulating in-game business, provided that the blockchain-based game is still playable.

Like Trust Wallet, Enjin is exclusively available on mobile and is focused solely on the Ethereum blockchain, effectively crossing out two terms of our recap. On the flip side, it has a dedicated customer support desk, which is something of a rarity among other commonly-used NFT wallets.

4. Alpha Wallet

Image of Alpha wallet one of the best NFT wallets available
Credit by Alpha Wallet

If you prefer a wider scope of freedom when it comes to development and usage improvement, then Alpha Wallet may be the best NFT wallet for you. This is because it is open-source, and aspiring developers who wish to contribute to its design may simply check out the team’s official repositories.

As for its usage, it’s pretty normal. It sports the same, clean mobile design as other mobile-based NFT wallets. It has direct support for compatible applications for marketplaces such as OpenSea and Dragonarium and gives a point-and-tap usage experience on Ethereum-based assets.

Like any open source project, Alpha Wallet is essentially always in development. While the UI is just as easy to use (even for first-time NFT  buyers), this point might be a bigger deal-breaker for people aiming for simpler management and feature checking.

And yes, if the file repositories aren’t a big hint yet, this NFT wallet is, again, exclusively on mobile at the moment.

As many as the Coin Banks of Crypto’s Digital Shores

With lots more NFT wallets emerging in the market with their respective feature gimmicks, it is all but certain that some may find this list quite lacking just in terms of entries alone. Coinbase Wallet, for example, may actually be a better option than Metamask with its more beginner-friendly UI. Math Wallet has massive support for more than 60+ public blockchains. Heck, even Zebpay feels more versatile when it comes to hardware versatility, despite being an Indian-exclusive app.

The entries on this list were specifically chosen for each of the exclusive elements that they offer for NFT creators and collectors. Thus, it is a template from which you can extrapolate even more choices that build upon these qualities/features for other NFT wallets.

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