7 Best Marketing Automation Platforms

Can you picture a scenario where your marketing initiatives connect with your target market, anticipate their requirements, and provide tailored messages at the ideal time? Automation is essential for success in today’s dynamic corporate environment.

This article will examine marketing automation platforms in detail and explore how they might elevate marketing tactics above simple communication to meaningful exchanges and engagements.

We’ll also investigate how innovatively the top seven (7) marketing automation tools have improved marketing and the consumer experience.

What is Marketing Automation?

Technology is used in marketing automation to improve the efficiency and efficacy of marketing initiatives. It employs a single automation platform to handle all campaign management functions from one location, including mobile messaging, social media and email marketing, and ad management.

Businesses can use marketing automation platforms to target customers with automated text, social media, online, and email messaging.

Messages are issued automatically based on processes, which are collections of guidelines. It allows workflow creation from scratch, creating specified templates, or adjusting campaigns for improved outcomes.

Lead generation, nurturing, scoring, and total campaign ROI measurement are all aided by marketing automation.

Automation saves time and money as an organization gets more extensive and complicated. Marketing automation allows you to build robust marketing automation systems to grow with your company.

Criteria for Evaluating Marketing Automation Platforms

Choosing the best automation platform is like picking the ideal product for your business because the world is constantly changing.

Marketing Automation Platform

Assessing the essential features that set the top marketing automation platforms apart is crucial as companies work to integrate their marketing campaigns.

This article covers the necessary capabilities, pricing structures, and user-friendly features to consider when selecting your company’s best marketing automation platform.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing A Marketing Automation Platform

1. Integration:

When it comes to integration, there are two things to take into account. How simple is combining your non-marketing technology, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), with the marketing automation platform?

Furthermore, how well-integrated is it all around? The complexity increases with the number of pieces required, the likelihood of obtaining a clear picture of the outcome decreases, and the total difficulty factor rises if the marketing automation platform doesn’t integrate well with existing non-marketing technology.

2. Learning Resources:

The least beneficial platform for your organization will be one where you know the barest details of its operation.

To assist you in understanding how to make the marketing automation platform operate best for you, marketing automation platforms must include essential learning resources, including manuals, how-to videos, eBooks, webinars, training programs, and other learning materials.

3. User Interface:

Since the software is an integral part of your daily operations, its ease of use is the most significant feature of any software, including automated marketing platforms. Ensure your marketing automation platform is responsive, easy to use, and intuitive.

4. Pricing:

The cost of automation marketing platforms will vary depending on several essential elements, including capacity, premium features, and the kind of storage system used.

You can find reasonable prices by comparing the costs of comparable services offered by rival platforms, including any discounts and incentives you could qualify for.

Top 7 Marketing Automation Platforms

Top Marketing Automation Platforms


  • General Overview:

Adding to the field of omnichannel marketing, ManyChat is a marketing automation tool that makes it easier for small businesses and their clients to communicate across popular platforms, email, and SMS.

ManyChat is unique because of its easy-to-use flow builder, broad customization options (infinite fields and tags), and interaction with websites such as Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and SMS.

In addition to broadcast messages, sequences, rule-based automation, and built-in live chat with connectors like Zapier and Make.

  • Pricing Structure:

Three pricing tiers are available on ManyChat: Free, Pro, and Premium. Access to Instagram direct messaging, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, along with options for customer acquisition and contact segmentation, are all included in the Free package.

Starting at $15, the Pro package adds email and SMS text messaging to the channel’s reach, allowing unlimited contact interaction, improved customer reach, campaign design, performance optimization, and round-the-clock email support.


  • General Overview:

A platform for marketing automation called SureTriggers simplifies a range of digital business procedures. It allows users to free up time for more essential goals by automating processes like emailing, tracking data points, and scheduling activities.

Quick program setup is made possible by the intuitive interface without the need for technical knowledge.

The platform’s benefits include lowered risk of expensive human error, improved security measures for data protection, and increased productivity and efficiency by automating repetitive processes.

  • Pricing Structure:

SureTriggers offers three distinct plans to meet the various needs of its users. As an initial option, the Free Plan is perfect for users determining whether the platform suits their business.

Among its features are one website, 1000 tasks, filters, five automation, and three days’ worth of logs. At $99 a year, the Pro Plan includes five websites, 5000 tasks per month, limitless automation, thirty days of logs, and multistep automation, among other sophisticated features like automated triggers and other automation tools.


  • General Overview:

LeadSquared is a marketing automation platform that offers sales CRM services. In addition to reducing total lead leakage, LeadSquared offers superior services with advantages, including automated lead and marketing processes, more intelligent and practical lead prioritizing, comprehensive sales and marketing analytics, and improved integration with many business tools.

Its drawbacks are the unreliability of LeadSquared’s site and the time it takes to retrieve call history customer support.

  • Pricing Structure:

LeadSquared provides a selection of plans to accommodate various business requirements at multiple expansion phases.

For $25 a month per person, the Lite package offers basic lead management features, sales tracking tools, and necessary communication skills. For $50 per user monthly, the Pro plan offers more sophisticated features like webhooks and email campaigns to improve marketing initiatives.

The Super Plan, which costs $100 per user per month, provides a comprehensive collection of capabilities, such as workflow automation and sophisticated reports, to help efficiently optimize sales processes.


  • General Overview:

Designed specifically for e-commerce, Omnisend distinguishes itself as a platform for marketing automation by combining Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SMS, email, and push notifications into a single, unified omnichannel center.

It provides an all-encompassing consumer journey perspective, making it easy for e-commerce companies to plan, coordinate, and maximize their marketing initiatives.

With an intuitive interface that facilitates navigation, the platform’s effectiveness and simplicity make it a vital tool for managing the intricacies of e-commerce marketing.

Potential users should be mindful of a few things, like the distinct email generation process that sets it apart from competitors’ drag-and-drop editors. Furthermore, even if Omnisend has analytics features, some customers could find them somewhat limiting compared to other powerful marketing automation tools.

  • Pricing Structure:

With its Free Plan, Standard Plans, and Pro Plan, Omnisend provides a tiered approach to meet various corporate demands.

As a starting option, the Free Plan offers customers more features than some of its competitors’ paid plans. It allows users to use 250 contacts, 500 emails per month, 60 SMS, 500 online push alerts, and aesthetically pleasing email layouts.

Targeting organizations with moderate-sized audiences, the $16 monthly Standard Plan offers more flexibility, automation features, and more significant subscriber limitations.

The Pro Plan, available at a premium price of $59 per month, provides access to all of Omnisend’s features and is designed for enterprises that want to run sophisticated multi-channel campaigns.


  • General Overview:

Keap is a marketing automation platform designed for small business entrepreneurs and those new to using marketing automation tools.

Keap benefits e-commerce companies looking for an all-in-one solution because it combines marketing and sales automation.

It provides capabilities for checkout carts to raise average cart values and conversion rates.

  • Pricing Structure:

With prices ranging from $159 to $229, Keap offers three plans designed to meet the demands of various types of businesses.

Keap provides a free trial so consumers can check out the platform’s features without paying anything upfront. Core features, including email marketing, lead capture with automated follow-up, marketing, sales automation, and exclusive text messaging for US-based businesses, are available with the Pro plan, which has a monthly starting price of $159.

At $229 a month, the Max plan offers features like better landing pages and sales tools, extensive reporting, and more significant lead optimization.

The Ultimate plan includes all the features in the Pro and Max plans, plus more for businesses looking for the best possible deal.

These features include advanced marketing and sales tools, custom user access controls, affiliate management and collaboration, premium CRM and sales management, and advanced reporting.


  • General Overview:

Ontraport is a flexible, all-in-one platform for company marketing automation that improves client interactions.

This platform perfectly aligns with the needs of a broad audience by providing synchronized sales processes, automatic data collecting, and customized business features. The exceptional email marketing features that Ontraport offers—such as customizable campaigns, channel integration, and robust lead source monitoring and performance management tools—only increase the platform’s allure.

  • Pricing Structure:

The three plans that Ontraport offers are the Basic, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise Plans. Each plan delivers a customized experience for companies looking for more features.

Starting at $24 a month, the Basic plan gives users access to basic features like web forms, email and text automation, and a platform that can expand.

Stepping up, the $83/month Plus plan improves the experience with essential features like easy online payment integration, creating memberships, customizing websites, sophisticated CRM systems, and committed customer service. 

Starting at $249 per month, the Enterprise plan offers a full range of features, including marketing automation, powerful CRM capabilities, an integrated payment system, and round-the-clock customer support for organizations that want the best possible experience.


  • General Overview:

Like its competitors in marketing automation, Mautic allows companies to create and implement dynamic marketing plans by offering unique channels for communication with contacts, including Social Media, Emails, Text Messages, and Focus Items.

Users can quickly generate and manage various content types within the Mautic framework, which is crucial for developing compelling marketing campaigns.

Although Mautic provides a robust feature set that includes tools for creating attractive landing pages and forms, marketing automation, and inbound marketing, it’s important to highlight that the platform currently has limited options for data segmentation, which is a significant disadvantage for subscribers navigating this ever-changing marketing environment.

  • Pricing Structure:

Users can use Mautic, an open-source marketing automation tool, for free. Mautic’s guiding principle is to equip people and organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand, manage, and promote the expansion of their enterprises.

The platform’s primary goal is to make robust technologies more accessible to everyone so that companies and individuals of all sizes may take advantage of the potential of state-of-the-art marketing automation for their expansion and success.


Marketing automation platforms are game changers in today’s corporate environment because they make marketing strategies more than just communications—they enable tailored and pertinent engagements.

The core idea of marketing automation has been examined in this article, focusing on how it can improve efficiency and streamline operations across a range of media. Evaluation criteria for these platforms have been established, emphasizing user interface, learning resources, integration, and customization.

The conversation then dives into seven top marketing automation platforms, each with unique characteristics and may meet various corporate requirements. The platforms that have been highlighted, namely ManyChat, SureTriggers, LeadSquared, Omnisend, Keap, Ontraport, and Mautic, have been analyzed concerning their overall features, benefits, drawbacks, and costs.

To fully utilize the promise of these cutting-edge solutions, organizations must carefully evaluate these platforms based on their unique needs as they navigate the always-changing field of marketing automation.

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