Best Augmented Reality Toys 2023

Best Augmented Reality Toys

Recent technological advancements have significantly impacted the toy industry, which is becoming more tech-centric. There is no indication that the massive toy industry will slow down soon.

The toy industry constantly evolves alongside technology, which is why we see the emergence of augmented reality toys coexist and evolve alongside other industrial and day-to-day adaptations of augmented reality.

Thanks to augmented reality, children’s toys have never been more exciting, interactive, and educational. So continue reading as we uncover what you need to know about how augmented reality has changed the toy industry. 

Technology In The Toy Industry

Augmented reality features can make toys more appealing to children, even the ones who otherwise would not be playing with toys anymore. While the value of play has remained constant throughout history, the rapidly evolving technologies that shape our daily lives have profoundly impacted how and what we play with.

For example, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented reality influence the development of new toys and how we interact with them. 

Technology In The Toy Industry
Image Credit: arpost

What Is The Difference Between Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

When you use virtual reality, you are immersed in a virtual environment created to explore, whereas, with augmented reality, digital elements get superimposed onto the physical environment with cameras. 

For example, 3D computer graphics are used to superimpose computer-generated images over the user’s view of the natural world in contrast to the camera’s orientation. That allows the user to see the real world and rendered images simultaneously. 

In virtual reality, you use a head-mounted display instead of a camera in the real world to experience the virtual environment. The difference between the two is that virtual reality technology relies on the user’s eyes to locate them within the simulated environment rather than real cameras in an actual environment. 

Augmented Reality (AR) Toys

Augmented reality in the toy industry has grown in recent years. In addition, the proliferation of smartphones, digital content and apps has dramatically increased the possibility of experimenting with Augmented Reality. 

Augmented Reality (AR) Toys
Image Credit: newegg

Another primary consideration is that the age of children who become more interested in video games rather than playing with toys is decreasing. In addition, studies show that children who aren’t interested in conventional toys are more easily captivated by augmented reality games and toys. 

Because of this, many toy companies are incorporating augmented reality features into previously designed toys and games. In addition, the gaming industry is factoring immersive augmented reality video experiences into its gaming products. One of the most popular games is Pokémon Go another being the augmented reality game, Ingress, which was released about two years before Pokémon GO.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality creates a simulated environment with which you can interact as if it’s real. Virtual reality allows users to have experiences as close to reality as possible when using a computer-generated setting. Instead of simply watching, the user can interact with and influence the 3D environments. 

Of course, the experience will always have limitations, such as a limited selection of content, what you can experience, and a limited amount of processing power. However, the head-mounted display (HMD) is the primary virtual reality experience component. 

Virtual reality will revolutionize the gaming industry by providing a better version of the traditional one-click interface. As a result, virtual reality has recently become a hot topic in the gaming industry, offering several advantages to its users. For example, visually appealing objects and the ability to immerse the user in a game in real time.

In contrast, these benefits have improved the gaming experience by bridging the gap between the virtual and the real, resulting in a larger audience and more committed players. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Toys

People have grown accustomed to search engines, social media feeds, and recommendation engines that are accurate and appear to know them well. As a result, the public generally considers existing AI tools favorably.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Toys
Image Credit: electronics360.globalspec

So it is no surprise that machine learning would begin to make its way into entertainment through video games and—the focus of this article—toys. 

What Is An AR Toy

Augmented reality toys create a magical experience for children by allowing them to see, feel, and hold a figure in their hands while also seeing and interacting digitally.

This expands a child’s critical thinking, makes them more creative, and allows them to learn better. Many of these toys incorporate logical reasoning, offering interactive and immersive experiences for children.

Are Augmented Toys Helpful For Children’s Learning And Playing

Another advantage of augmented reality is the ability to interact with spatial content visualized in front of the learner. As a result, instructors can more effectively illustrate complex ideas. Several factors influence how children understand their place in the world. One of the most important is their educational experience. 

Augmented reality introduces new strategies for visual learning because of its strength in visualizing information. In addition, because AR is so engaging, incorporating it into the classroom can help students learn faster, retain more information, and have fun in the process by way of digital content. 

By providing instant feedback, augmented reality can motivate children to learn more and become more precise in their work. Most augmented reality toys include a report or graph that visually evaluates your child’s learning curve and progress. This report can be monitored and tracked regularly. 

The Best Augmented Reality Toys for Kids

Augmented reality toys are great for kids who aren’t interested in a classic toy like an iron man figurine but want something to play with. Many augmented reality toys are available today, so we put together this list of some of the best. 

The Merge Cube

The Merge Cube
Image Credit: macworld

The Merge Cube is a soft, durable foam silver and black Cube that uses a variety of Merge Cube apps to transform the Cube into digital objects. The Cube can be transformed into anything from the solar system to the human body to a miniature aquarium. 

The app’s camera can read and interact with the unique pattern printed on the Cube’s sides like a QR code printed on a product can. In addition, if you install the app on the phone, you can use the Cube with a headset by inserting the device into the Merge’s Cardboard headset. 

Minecraft Earth Boost Mini Figurines

Minecraft Earth Boost Mini Figurines
Image Credit: amazon

Augmented reality Minifigures in Minecraft Earth are a unique addition significantly improving the gameplay experience. The Minifigures all have special abilities that can be used in the game. For example, boosts can reduce the time it takes to craft, grant more experience points, and strengthen you, among other things. 

In addition, Scanning a figurine will also earn you experience points. You can collect ten kinds of boosts across the 20 figurines. Suppose you end up with multiple copies of a figure. It’s not a problem because using two figures with the same Boost will double the duration of that Boost. 

Playautoma Explore World

Playautoma Explore World
Image Credit: amazon

The hypnotic experience of augmented reality is similar to traveling around the world without ever leaving your living room. Travel to exotic locations, renovate historic landmarks, and much more.

You can use a mobile app to play a variety of minigames, such as a Jigsaw puzzle, while learning hundreds of interesting and entertaining facts about continents, oceans, countries, flags, currencies, monuments, and much more. With Playautoma users can navigate a virtual world where gravity defying structures are present.

Curiscope Virtuali-Tee Shirt

Curiscope Virtuali-Tee Shirt
Image Credit: aboutamazon

The Virtuali-Tee elevates how you learn about science by allowing you to explore the human body’s inner workings on a human body. With the help of 360-degree video, you can explore the inner workings of the cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive systems using stunningly crafted augmented reality and 3D learning experiences. 

Furthermore, the app lets you monitor your heart rate and view an animated representation in real-time. You can see more of your body by putting on a Virtuali-Tee, scanning its tag, and tapping the screen. Virtuali-Tee is free to download. The selfie feature of the app works as expected. 

Shifu Orboot Interactive Globe

Shifu Orboot Interactive Globe - Best Augmented Reality Toys
Image Credit: playshifu

The Orboot Earth World Globe will satisfy your child’s curiosity while learning geography. When scanned with the companion app, the globe comes to life, revealing a variety of environments for exploration.

This book for children ages 4 to 10 includes visual storytelling, music, animal facts, voice interactions, world quizzes, globe puzzles, and competitions. Children can easily participate in global scavenger hunts and take fun quizzes on any topic. 

Lumination VR/AR Education Kit

Lumination VR/AR Education Kit
Image Credit: lumination

The Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Education Kit enables you to break free from the confines of a traditional lecture and delve into various subjects in more interactive ways. 

Learn about the cultures of the world without leaving the classroom. First, gain a better understanding of the concepts that underpin mathematics. Then, with some coding, you can create custom AR/VR content and settings from the ground up. 

The possibilities are practically limitless because any app currently available in the Google Play store can be used for Virtual and Augmented Reality in the classroom. In addition to all the amazing apps and programs you can use with virtual and augmented reality, you can also use the merge cube to take lessons to the next level.

There are two kits to pick from, the 15-piece kit and the 30-piece kit:

15 Piece Kit

  • 15 Pre-Configured Student VR Devices
  • 15 Lumination VR/AR Headsets
  • 1 Teacher/Instructor Tablet
  • 2 Multi-Port Chargers
  • 2 Merge Cubes
  • 2 Gizmos Flexible Tripods
  • 1 Pre-Configured Google WiFi Router
  • 1 Pelican Case with SafeStore
  • 1 Custom Laser Engraving with UV Printing
  • 1 Pedagogy and Quick-Start Guide

30 Piece Kit

  • 30 Pre-Configured Student VR Devices
  • 30 Lumination VR/AR Headsets
  • 1 Teacher/Instructor Tablet
  • 3 Multi-Port Chargers
  • 1 Lumination LeadMe Edu App
  • 5 Merge Cubes
  • 5 Gizmos Flexible Tripods
  • 1 Pre-Configured Google WiFi Router
  • 1 Pelican Case with SafeStore
  • 1 Custom Laser Engraving with UV Printing
  • 1 Lumination LeadMe Edu App
  • 1 Pedagogy and Quick-Start Guide

Round Up

Augmented reality has dramatically impacted the toy industry and shows no signs of slowing down. Augmented reality toys are extremely good for influencing how children interact while entertaining and giving them an educational game-learning experience.

There are a lot of different toys with augmented reality elements like the ones we mentioned and so many more that we didn’t have included. You can find all of the products we talked about in the section below by clicking on their respective link:

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