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Author: Jacob Powell

Hi, I’m Jacob, a freelance writer and editor with more than 5 years of experience. I help businesses reach their target audience through thought-provoking and insightful content in a range of subjects. My specialism is in electric vehicles, emerging tech, and sustainable energy.

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Keewee AI Tool for AI in Content Creation

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer in various industries, and content creation is no exception. Keewee AI Tool, for example, provides a ready-to-use complex

technology limiting Creativity

Is technology limiting Creativity?

Technology has the means to enhance a person’s creative ability, but this is subject to controversy. Tools like the latest digital stylus, architectural software, and

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How to Create the Perfect ChatGPT Prompt for Precise Answers!

Crafting an effective prompt is a learnable skill. Your choice of words in the prompt directly influences ChatGPT’s responses. This guide will show you the key elements for getting the right response.