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Author: Joseph Oduro

I am a computer and electronics engineer specializing in IoT, Data Science, and Software Engineering. I have a deep passion for literature, using my writing as a means to educate others on a variety of subjects, ranging from science and technology to social sciences and philosophy. As a writer and storyteller, I seek to bridge the gap between complex technological concepts and a broader audience.

Articles by Author

Are Robots Expensive

Are Robots Expensive?

Have you ever considered how much those sleek robots you see moving around in factories cost? This is an important question to ask because robots

Robots Citizenship

How Many Robots Have Citizenship?

In an essay by Jorge Luis Borges called “The Sphere of Pascal,” he talks about how Xenophanes, a Greek philosopher, was fed up with the

What technology is coming in the future

What Technology Is Coming In The Future?

Imagine a world where cars drive themselves, virtual reality connects loved ones across the globe, medical breakthroughs occur at the speed of thought, and renewable

7 Advanced Humanoid Robots in the World

Over the past ten years, the development of humanoid robots has sped due to growing interest in these machines and technological advancements in robotics, locomotion,

Future of Video Gaming

What is the Future of Video Gaming?

Video games have gained immense popularity in recent years, and this trend is showing no signs of slowing down. The gaming industry has surpassed the

How Is AI Used in Gaming

How Is AI Used in Gaming?

The gaming industry is experiencing a new era of technological growth with the introduction of artificial intelligence. Sony has revealed its plan to revolutionize the

Futuristic Tech Gadgets

Futuristic Tech Gadgets In 2024

The distant future we see in sci-fi movies may not be as far away as we think. Today, we live in a world marked by

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