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Author: Joseph Oduro

I am a computer and electronics engineer specializing in IoT, Data Science, and Software Engineering. I have a deep passion for literature, using my writing as a means to educate others on a variety of subjects, ranging from science and technology to social sciences and philosophy. As a writer and storyteller, I seek to bridge the gap between complex technological concepts and a broader audience.

Articles by Joseph

Apple, Rivian rumored EV partnership

Apple Rivian rumored EV partnership.

Apple is currently exploring the prospect of partnering with a prominent American electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, Rivian, signaling a potential resurgence of the Apple Car

AI Agent AI Agent

A beginner’s guide to AI agents

You might be familiar with the term “AI Agent”, as their popularity is increasing. But what are they exactly? Are they accessible like OpenAI tools?

RPA Business Analyst

RPA Business Analyst: A Complete Career Guide

Today’s business ecosystem is evolving rapidly, and the role of RPA business analysts is crucial for staying competitive. These professionals perform various vital roles within

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