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Author: Emilie Wester

I’m Emilie, 28, from South Belgium. I have studied education and passed my first aid certificate. I’m officially certified as an Entrepreneur in Belgium since 2019. I picked up on ChatGPT when it came out and was one the first people to successfully teach ChatGPT to generate its own prompts, and I created an entire Udemy course just by using AI. I wrote a book in 2022, and another one in 2023. I spend most of my time creating digital content for my website.

Articles by Emilie

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Artificial intelligence tools have experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity, with terms such as “chatbot” and “virtual assistant” frequently used interchangeably. However, it is essential

5 Must Have AI Tools for Solopreneurs

First off, what is a solopreneur? Are you maybe one of them and you don’t know about it? “Solopreneur” refers to someone who independently manages

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ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for developers

In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, developers and code enthusiasts are continually seeking ways to optimize their workflow and achieve greater efficiency. There is one

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How to Create the Perfect ChatGPT Prompt for Precise Answers!

Crafting an effective prompt is a learnable skill. Your choice of words in the prompt directly influences ChatGPT’s responses. This guide will show you the key elements for getting the right response.