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Author: Alexander Maina

Freelance Writer Alex is a technologist with a deep interest in blockchain, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning, cryptocurrencies, and emerging technologies as a whole. As a freelancer, he has worked as a technical writer, ghostwriter, and web developer for various tech companies. He is most passionate about creating content that helps educate his audience on the concepts behind these amazing technologies and expose them to the use cases and applications of each of these technologies.

Articles by Alex

Defi online banking

How DeFi Is Changing Banking For good

Before we dive into how DeFi is changing banking, let’s quickly recap what it DeFi is. According to the Ethereum network, DeFi is defined as

futuristic sci fi city

What will a Web 3 world look like?

A Web 3 world that is being predicted is often viewed with skepticism and leeriness, similar to how most people viewed the internet in the

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What is crypto staking?

Generally, when most people think about cryptocurrency investing, they think of crypto trading, buying and holding, or mining. However, the cryptocurrency sector has grown exponentially

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