5 Must Have AI Tools for Solopreneurs

First off, what is a solopreneur? Are you maybe one of them and you don’t know about it? “Solopreneur” refers to someone who independently manages and operates their own businesses. They handle various aspects of the business on their own or with minimal assistance.

These entrepreneurs face several challenges, including workload management, limited resources, isolation, and difficulties scaling up their businesses. In this article, we’ll dive into 5 tools that can give you a boost if you’re a solopreneur.

1.     ChatGPT

How can we not name the infamous ChatGPT? This LLM is the pioneer of AI for everyday people. But, what can you use ChatGPT for as a solopreneur?

  • Getting a second opinion or ideas in general: Working alone means you’re not always aware that you’re working in the wrong direction. Asking ChatGPT for a second opinion, suggestions, or news ideas can boost your creativity and help you get back on track!
  • Writing emails and social media posts: If you’re working alone, you’re in charge of answering incoming messages and posting content on social media. ChatGPT can craft templates, emails, social media posts, and more! It can even include emojis if you ask.
  • Use it as your personal assistant: Instead of hiring additional staff, use ChatGPT. It can help in tasks like basic customer queries, appointment scheduling, or data entry, allowing the solopreneur to focus on more critical aspects of the business. Train your ChatGPT enough and it can work as a database!
  • Accountability partner: ChatGPT can serve as a virtual accountability partner, providing solopreneurs with a way to discuss ideas, brainstorm, make sure the goals are met, or simply engage in casual conversation. This can help people who struggle with working alone.

General tip: If you are struggling with a task, pretend you know nothing and ask ChatGPT how it can help. Example: “Hey GPT, how would you help someone who has to build a knowledge base for their customer?”

ChatGPT can be found at

2.    Canva Pro and text to image tools in general

Some people are great at making the plan and imagining the scenario, and when it comes to turning ideas into visuals, it’s a complete disaster. Thankfully, Canva Pro and text to image tools are here to help.

Here’s how you can use them:

  • Visual content creation: Solopreneurs can use text-to-image tools to effortlessly produce captivating visuals for social media posts, advertisements, or promotional materials. This way, no need to learn design skills or hire a designer. Well, you can always ask for final approval from a professional, of course!
  • Product representation: You can create mockup scenes that include a green/blue screen to integrate your product into the visuals. Let’s pretend you’re selling a phone app. Instead of hiring a hand model holding a phone, generate a hyper-realistic image of someone holding a phone displaying a green screen. You can create animation/manga type illustrations too!
  • Presentation material: Nothing catching your eye in the Google Slides templates? No cool PowerPoint background pic? Just generate one! No nice copyright free image for your presentation? Generate one!

Let’s talk about Canva in more detail. Magic Studio is an impressive AI-powered tool designed to enhance efficiency within Canva. Here’s a quick rundown of all the possibilities that Magic Studio offers:

Magic Write: Quickly generate and edit text with features like summarization, rewriting, and tone adaptation.

Magic Switch: Easily resize and adapt your design without manual adjustments. No need to drag elements or resize backgrounds.

Magic Animate: Add customizable animations to your design with AI-recommended styles.

Magic Morph: Select shapes and text, then prompt Magic Morph to transform them into a desired design, providing a dynamic creative process.

Magic Media: A text-to-image tool allowing you to describe what you want visually, with Canva guiding you on styles, aspect ratios, and more.

Magic Edit: Replace specific parts of your design by providing prompts for desired changes, offering a unique and personalized editing experience.

Magic Grab: Make any image editable as if it were a Canva template, a useful feature for creating your own templates.

Magic Expand: Generate or extend your current design, creating plausible scenery based on the imported image, making graphic design more accessible.

Canva’s Magic Studio simplifies graphic design for those without the time to master complex tools. These new features, exclusively for premium members, make design tasks more convenient and user-friendly, marking a significant leap forward for Canva users.

Canva can be found at, and DALL-E can be found at

3.    Tome AI

Tome AI is an online tool for creating amazing presentations. If you need to show the services you offer, convince investors, or simply show your previous work, Tome AI will be your best friend! It takes a little bit of time to learn, but once you master the tool, you’ll be able to create the best presentations! The website offers self-service resources to help you get started, and will ask some questions about you to provide you with the best service.

Free Tome AI accounts come with 500 AI credits. You can upgrade your plan if needed.

Tome can be found at

4.    Notion

Notion has always been a valuable project management tool for many entrepreneurs. And recently, it has added an AI tool to its platform. It harnesses the power of generative artificial intelligence to transform the way we handle information, document ideas, and manage tasks.

Designed to enhance productivity, it automates routine tasks, refines documentation, and even assists in content generation.

Notion AI can help you when it comes to creating a knowledge base or organizing your notes. It can generate text, fill the gaps, refine existing notes, organize them, and more.

Notion and Notion AI are free to use for solo accounts. Notion can be found at

5.    Jasper AI is an efficient AI tool for content creation, expediting the content generation process with creativity and relevance. Here’s why you should be using Jasper:

Automated content creation: Accelerates content generation for blog posts, emails, and marketing.

Cost efficiency: Reduces costs associated with hiring additional writers, crucial for startups on tight budgets.

Quality and creativity: Despite automation, Jasper can produce high-quality, creative copy essential for brand positioning and engagement.

SEO options: Jasper includes features for optimizing content for SEO, and enhancing online visibility and traffic.

Of course, your human touch will be needed to make sure the output content is original and will bring value to the world.

Jasper starts at $49 per month for solo users, and you can access a free 7-day trial. Jasper AI can be found at


As we wrap up our exploration of AI tools for solopreneurs, let’s embrace the optimism and inspiration they bring to the solo entrepreneurial journey. These tools are not just solutions; they’re partners in your growth and success story.

Your success story is unfolding, and AI is here to magnify your impact. Cheers to your journey, your dedication, and the transformative influence of AI on your entrepreneurial path!

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