Exploring The World Of AI Generated Anime Art With Niji Journey

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For anime fans and digital artists alike, Niji Journey is an AI art generator you get access to for free when you subscribe to Midjourney. It is brilliant at creating stunning anime-inspired imagery.

Developed by Midjourney in conjunction with Spellbrush, Niji Journey takes anime aesthetics to the next level with its unique styles and advanced image generation capabilities.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about delving into Niji, using its diverse artistic styles, and taking your anime art to the next level. Whether you’re brand new to AI art or a seasoned pro, Niji offers exciting possibilities. Let’s dive in!

Getting Setup with Niji Journey 

Remember, you have access to Niji through your Midjourney settings in Discord. Type /settings into the chat bar click and press enter

Getting Setup with Niji Journey 

Select Niji 5 from the drop-down menu

Now you have access to Niji and it’s add-on styles.

Niji Journey-2

A Thriving Community and A Bot All Its Own

On the official Niji Discord, members share creations, tips, and feedback. It’s an inspiring community for beginners and pros.

You can also invite Niji’s very own bot to your server from there. Find an Image Generation room and click on a green Niji bot.

Niji Journey -3

A window will pop up. Click on Add to Server and then select your server from the drop-down menu.

Niji Journey-4
Niji Journey -5

Click continue at the bottom right, then give it authorization.

Niji Journey -6

Then you should see this pop up if all goes well.

Niji Journey -7

You will then have both the Niji and Midjourney bots on your server.

Niji Journey -8

The Website Gallery

You can sign up for the Niji website to have access to your Niji gallery of images. Just follow these steps:

1. Go to niji・journey (

Niji Journey -9

2. Scroll down and click on Sign In

Niji Journey -10

3. Authorize Niji Journey to connect with your Discord profile

Authorize Niji Journey to connect with your Discord profile

Your Niji creations will all be automatically saved to your account gallery for easy access.

Take note of these buttons on the right-hand side of your gallery

MJ and NJ

You can choose between ALL MJ (Midjourney) and NJ (Niji Journey) This specifies which bot you used to create your images.

Exploring NijiJourney’s Diverse Artistic Styles

One of NijiJourney’s most unique features is its range of built-in art styles. You can add a style parameter like “style cute” to your prompt or change the default style in your account settings.

Here are the five styles and their characteristics:

  • Cute (style cute): Vibrant colors, adorable dolls, whimsical patterns, random cats
  • Scenic (style scenic): Spotlights scenery, landscapes, and environments
  • Expressive (style expressive): Exaggerated features and Westernized style
  • Original (style original): NijiJourney’s default anime aesthetic
  • Default style with no special parameters: A balanced blend of all styles

Let’s see some examples of different styles with the prompt “Scientist inventing a robot“:

Niji 5

Niji 5

Style Cute


Style Scenic

style senic

Style Expressive

style expressive

Style Original

style orignal

The styles allow for tons of creativity and variety.

Prompting in Niji Journey

Prompting in Niji is the same as Midjourney. I always suggest you at least use the two S’s Subject and setting, in your prompts. For example:

strong cybernetic superhero wearing a futuristic costume standing on top of a skyscraper, cityscape setting niji 5

This prompt sets the scene and describes the subject, and we are going to let Niji use its default Anime style here.

cybernetic superhero

Niji is particularly good with movement

“ballerina assassin in dynamic action poses fighting a villain in an ice forest, light sparkles on ice crystals niji 5 ar 3:2″


Advanced Parameters

Niji has all the capabilities of Midjourney for images. Including

  • ar to adjust aspect ratio
  • pan to move side to side or up and down
  • zoom to zoom in and out
  • chaos
  • stylize

And all the rest.

Combining Niji with Western and European art styles like Art Deco, Rococo, Cyberpunk, and Steampunk can lead to incredibly unique results. The anime style also lends itself perfectly to comics, manga, concept art, and animations.


Niji 5 (Default)


Freda Kahlo

Style Expressive



Style Original


Art Deco

Style Cute

Art Deco

Victorian Gothic

Style Scenic

Victorian Gothic

With the right prompts and a dash of creativity, Niji makes stunning anime-inspired art accessible to anyone. Whether you’re an artist, animator, or just love anime aesthetics, explore the endless possibilities!

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