Adobe’s VideoGigaGAN: AI Video Upscaling Technology

Adobe AI

Adobe continues to impress with the use of AI in video editing. Recently, it has rolled out its newest AI breakthrough, called VideoGigaGAN. 

This experimental feature is designed to upscale video up to eight times without any of the usual visual distortions or flickering artifacts. 

Unlike other Video Super Resolution (VSR) techniques, Adobe claims that VideoGigaGAN enhances both the sharpness and detail of the video while avoiding these common issues.

The development of VideoGigaGAN was built upon a large-scale image upsampler called GigaGAN, which was developed by Adobe researchers. 

VideoGigaGAN aims to overcome previous challenges faced by VSR models in generating rich details in upscaled video results by incorporating techniques such as temporal attention, feature propagation, anti-aliasing, and “HF shuttle.”

One notable advantage of VideoGigaGAN is its ability to add impressive detail to upscaled videos, such as skin textures, fine hairs, and intricate feather details. 

Although, it’s important to recognize that the AI generates this detail and may not accurately represent the original footage. 

Therefore, VideoGigaGAN may not be suitable for tasks requiring forensic video enhancement, such as those seen in CSI-style crime shows.

While Adobe has not yet revealed plans to integrate VideoGigaGAN into its products like Premiere Pro or After Effects, the technology holds immense potential. 

Video producers looking to improve the quality of low-resolution shots could greatly benefit from it. 

However, the use of AI to enhance people in videos is still a topic of debate within the industry, indicating the need for careful consideration.

Despite Adobe’s advancements in AI video upscaling, it is not the only company exploring this technology. 

Competitors such as NVIDIA, Microsoft, and Blackmagic Design also invest in AI upscaling technology, indicating a growing interest in this field.

Adobe’s unveiling of VideoGigaGAN marks a significant advancement in AI-driven video upscaling technology. 

Its ability to upscale video without introducing common artifacts could revolutionize video content production. Although, it’s crucial to remember the ethical considerations surrounding AI in video enhancement. 

These concerns need to be addressed through further research and development, ensuring a responsible approach to this promising technology.

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