Adobe Develops AI Video Model for Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro for developers

Adobe has announced its latest innovation – an AI video model designed to enhance the editing experience within Premiere Pro. 

The AI model, a part of Adobe’s expanding Firefly family of generative AI products, offers a range of features to streamline the editing process. 

These include advanced object recognition and tracking, automated color correction, and intelligent scene detection, all designed to enhance the editing experience and save time for video editors. 

Users will now have access to functionalities such as object addition, object removal, and generative extend, a feature that automatically extends the duration of a video clip based on its content directly within Premiere Pro. 

This empowers them to create more dynamic and engaging content without requiring manual adjustments.

One of the key highlights of Adobe’s AI video model is its focus on addressing concerns surrounding deepfake videos. 

To ensure transparency and authenticity, Adobe has introduced Content Credentials, a feature that provides detailed information about AI-generated media and the specific model used in editing.

While Adobe has not disclosed specific details regarding the training data used for the AI model, reports suggest that the company is compensating contributors for their contributions. 

Photographers and artists on Adobe Stock reportedly receive payment for submitting short video clips to train the video generation model.

As for pricing, Adobe has yet to reveal the cost associated with accessing the video generation features in Premiere Pro. 

However, the payment scheme is expected to follow the generative credits system utilized for previous Firefly models. 

This system allows users to purchase credits that can be used to access various features, with the number of credits required depending on the complexity and demand of the feature.

In addition to its in-house development efforts, Adobe is exploring partnerships with third-party vendors to further enhance Premiere Pro’s capabilities. 

Collaborations with companies like OpenAI and others are underway, intending to integrate their video generation models into Adobe’s editing software.

Despite the excitement surrounding Adobe’s latest announcement, some industry observers remain skeptical about the effectiveness of the AI-powered features. 

While the inclusion of Content Credentials is a step in the right direction toward addressing concerns about deepfakes, the success of Adobe’s AI video model ultimately depends on its ability to deliver tangible benefits to users.

Adobe aims to empower users with new tools and capabilities to revolutionize how they create and edit video content. As the company continues to refine and expand its AI-driven offerings, the future of video editing looks brighter than ever.

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