A Futuristic World being Forged by Technological Innovations All Around You

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Imagine it is the year 2099, and the world that we once knew has evolved into a futuristic world that is something more modern and high-tech. Now, what would this world of the future look like?

Firstly, healthcare would be a lot more advanced and personalized. A medical diagnosis can be made from the comfort of our homes, as doctors can diagnose medical conditions remotely. Flying cars would be more mainstream, and transportation and travel of the future would be accessible to all.

health care in A Futuristic World

Does this sound like a world you want to live in? Read on while we take a futuristic journey through the world of the future. 

Technological Advancements In Healthcare

The first stop in our journey through our futuristic world is in the space of healthcare. A large part of our lives is affected by our health and well-being that healthcare takes center stage in our future world. 

With the help of artificial intelligence and data analytics, drug discovery and innovation will help to bring out new forms of medical treatment to treat all types of ailments and illnesses. New treatments and medications will be available consistently and will be made available to everyone, including those who do not have paid healthcare plans. 

With advancements in remote screening, treatments, and diagnosis, doctors will not need to be physically present to diagnose and treat medical conditions. Wearable technology in the form of watches, like Apple Watch or health bands, such as Fitbit, will benefit the population as follows: 

  • Track the progress of ill patients. 
  • Monitor patients’ temperature, blood oxygen levels, and blood pressure.
  • Provide up-to-date info on where patients can find their closest medical facility in case of emergency.
  • Recommend healthier eating and dietary habits.

With advancements in Telehealth, coupled with patient wearable devices, healthcare will be at your fingertips. It will not be necessary to queue in waiting rooms to wait for a diagnosis or speak to your health practitioner. Healthcare providers can meet with patients virtually to discuss diagnoses and recommend treatments. Genetic testing and profiling will be cross-referenced with data retrieved from wearable devices to provide customized treatments for patients in near real-time. 

Technological Advancements In Transportation

So, how do you like your journey into a futuristic world so far? By the way, have you noticed the flying car that you’re riding in? Companies like Uber, Boeing, AeroMobil are working on flying cars and flying taxis. 

automation switch futurstic world transport 1

AeroMobil, a Slovakian flying car manufacturer, conducted a series of tests of their flying vehicle, AeroMobil 4.0, in September 2020. They claim that their flying cars will be ready for commercial use by 2023. 

Another flying car project by Uber, named Uber Elevate, aims to introduce its flying taxis and make them fully operational by 2024. Uber is working together with California-based start-up Joby Aviation

Their flying eVTOL (electric vehicle take-off and landing) prototype has completed 150 miles on a single charge. The flying vehicle spent more than an hour in flight before landing vertically, after covering a total distance of 154.6 miles. 

If you need to travel to Singapore from New York in less than an hour, then how about traveling on one of SpaceX’s rockets? 

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, has proposed that it would be possible to “fly to most places on Earth in under 30 minutes and anywhere in under 60.” That is a pretty radical statement, but that is already possible in the world of the future! 

In our futuristic world you could fly on a SpaceX rocket and travel between New York City and Shanghai in 29 minutes, or from Dubai to London in just 29 minutes. According to Elon Musk, the ride will be “pretty comfortable,” and the spaceship would reach speeds of up to 18,000 miles per hour. 

If flying at dizzying speeds into space and back again gets you airsick, Virgin Hyperloop could probably be the futuristic world alternative that presents as a safer way of travelling on land. The Virgin Hyperloop is an innovative way of travelling from city to city while sitting inside passenger “pods” that reach speeds of 1,000 km/h. 

The Hyperloop travels about ten times faster than traditional railway and three times faster than high-speed rail travel! But don’t worry, the Hyperloop is a safe and comfortable way of getting to your destination in record time.

Technological Advancements In Retail

The next stop on our journey into a futuristic world is your couch! Wait, what do you mean, my couch? Yes, that is about right, your couch. 

automation switch futurstic world retail 1

From the comfort of your living room, while relaxing on your couch, you’re able to view the latest fashion trends, pick out your favorite color t-shirt, or try out the latest range of cosmetic products, all while lounging in your home and with your mobile device in hand. 

The future shopping experience has gone entirely digital and mobile, and there is no longer a need to drive to a shopping mall and wait in lengthy queues to pay for your items. Your shopping can be done from the luxury of your home, where you get to choose the products that you want from a virtual shelf. 

With advancements in VR (Virtual Reality) technology, like Oculus Quest, customers can use their VR goggles to walk through the aisles of a virtual shopping mall or store and browse the various products that are available in-store. 

Further advancements in this technology could aid a shopper to virtually try out clothing and cosmetics without being physically in the store to try items out before buying. Once you have picked out your items, paying for them is easy. Payments can be made with cryptocurrencies or through a digital wallet. 

Or maybe it is the middle of the month, and you’ve run out of cash for shopping. Why should you have to worry about that when you have “buy now and pay later” services available? 

Companies like PayPal provide buy now and pay later services that offer retail customers the option of buying an item and then paying for it later in smaller, more affordable instalments. It sounds like the ultimate shopping experience, right? 

So, you’ve picked up your items and paid for them using digital currency; now, how do we get those items delivered to me? 

Amazon has been trialling out drones to get items delivered to customers in under thirty minutes, provided that the packages weigh under 5 pounds. Alibaba has begun a similar venture with a robot called G Plus, which can deliver food, groceries, and other parcels within residential areas. 

In our futuristic world there is no need for consumers to wait very long for their goods to be delivered the traditional way, by postage and packaging or courier services. 

Technological Advancements In Banking

Should our next stop in our journey to a futuristic world be at the bank to withdraw some cash to pay for our shopping spree? I don’t think so! The banking sector has recently undergone a major transformational facelift due to several fintech start-ups that have re-shaped the banking sector. 

automation switch futurstic world banking 1

The banking industry has been digitized with cutting-edge technologies and innovations in the future world. Technologies like Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are no longer something that is outlawed and only available for a select few. 

Instead, banking transactions are performed on the Blockchain using digital currencies because it’s a safer and more secure way of transacting in the digital world. 

Do you need to pay a supplier for that container of designer shoes that you’ve imported from Italy? There is no need to worry, as cross-border payments are easy and instantaneous using blockchain technology. 

A combination of quantum computing and artificial intelligence makes your banking experience effortless. AI Assistants have become mainstream, and waiting to speak to a real person at a bank has become a thing of the past.

Need help with opening a new banking account for your business? No need to worry there either, as you can chat directly with an AI Assistant who can help you with all the requirements to get your new account opened in record time and without the hassle of standing in queues to get the necessary approvals you need. 

The Common Wealth Bank of Australia is already using technologies like augmented reality to help their customers buy or sell a home and assist them with making better-informed decisions regarding property listings and recent sales. 

The future of mobile banking would allow users to utilize apps that superimpose images and data over real-world surroundings. Additionally, customers can scan their bank cards using their mobile device’s camera to receive account information, like their current balance, and view spending reports. 

Advanced banking technologies like augmented reality will help to boost customer loyalty and ensure a lower customer churn for major banking brands. The possibilities for disruption using innovation within the banking and financial sector are limitless.

Technological Advancements In Education

Did I hear you say that you need to stop at university to attend a physics lecture? Why do you need to do that when in ou futuristic world you can attend your physics lecture from your bedroom while still in your pyjamas! 

In our futuristic world, attending physical classrooms is non-existent as the classroom has now moved into a virtual space. Students of the future can now learn from a completely interactive environment, where the entire learning experience has moved into virtual reality. 

Big tech companies like Facebook, Google, Sony, and others are developing virtual reality headsets to enable students to learn by interacting from a 3D environment. Google has been leading the way when it comes to using VR technology in schools. 

They (Google) have recently made it possible for students from anywhere in the world to experience a virtual reality world using their low-cost Cardboard virtual reality headsets. This is an innovative approach to getting do-it-yourself VR kits more accessible to students worldwide. 

In the classroom of the future artificial intelligence will be used for automating tasks such as grading subjects and providing feedback to students on areas that require improvements. AI will also enhance personalized learning for students, mainly for students with special needs. 

With the latest advancements in cloud computing, learning resources can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Essential resources like audio and written lessons, video assignments, and in-class lectures can be stored on the school’s cloud infrastructure. 

In a paperless classroom, students can access their lessons from the comfort of their homes and interact with other learners and tutors virtually. Students do not have any excuses for not being present for lessons or handing in their homework late.

Technological Advancements In The Workplace

Next stop, dad’s workplace? Since dad is in his pyjamas in the living room on a virtual meeting wearing, I don’t think so. If you think that is just bizarre, then think again. Advancements in communications technology and cloud computing have made it possible for the work environment to function from home, and work from home is now the new buzzword. 

digital eork place

The workplace of the futuristic world is probably the most significant disrupted area as the office has now moved into the virtual space. Companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook provide cloud computing technology to enhance the work environment and facilitate the change to a digital workspace. 

Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations are stored on the cloud, and employees can stay connected throughout the workday. There are no more long commutes to the office for meetings and presentations as everything is done online. 

Next-generation productivity is now accomplished by robotics, the production line is more efficient, and production capacity has increased with the help of modern-day robotics solutions. 

In the world of the future, computerized train station assistants, supermarket cashiers, and the barista at your local coffee shop will be disrupted by “digital staff” or their robotic counterparts. 

Technological Advancements In Communication

Do you feel like calling mom to tell her about all the latest technology trends? No need to be concerned about that since the chip implanted beneath your skin will enable you to contact anyone from anywhere in the world; just say “phone home!” 

automation switch futurstic world communication 1

None of those above technological advancements would have been possible without significant improvements and innovation in communications infrastructure and technology. 

Large-scale under-sea cables and satellites hovering above earth make it possible for communication to happen anywhere at any time. Companies like SpaceX and RocketLab are responsible for launching satellites into lower-earth orbit to build a global network of communications satellites. 

In the world of the future, you can call your grandma and grandad from anywhere in the world, even if you are out in the Kalahari Desert. 

These and many other advancements in satellite and broadband communications technology enable the future world to function optimally, bringing a new level of innovation from the home to the workplace and into virtual classrooms.

Another company, Sidekicks.ai, is working on a holographic AI assistant that brings an entirely new dimension into interactivity and personalization. The holographic AI assistant can learn from its user the more they interact with it. The Sidekick AI assistant can be integrated into users’ social media profiles to share experiences and life moments. 

The holographic assistant is compatible with home automation devices and can even control heating, lights, and kitchen appliances. 

Furthermore, the assistant will suggest music based on the user’s favorite songs and playlists and recommend dishes for dinner. Sounds like the ideal virtual friend, right? 

There is an online marketplace for third-party applications that Sidekick’s engineering team has rigorously tested. The Sidekicks virtual assistant makes it possible for users to interact with the animated character through a holographic display screen, of which several of them are portable. 

This new way of holographic screens for an AI assistant paves the way for further developments with holographic displays in smartphones, mobile devices, and other communications technologies. 

Innovations like these holographic AI Assistants can make it possible to invite family and friends into our living rooms by way of a holographic display.

Round up

I hope you have enjoyed your journey and glimpse into the future since most of the technologies mentioned above are not science fiction. Instead, they’ve all materialized and become a reality. If the technologies available to us now are so far ahead of their time, what will the world of 2099 look like?

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